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Yeshe Jackson Fine Art

Yeshe Jackson was born and raised in the small mountain town of Boulder Creek, California, and is a lifelong lover of nature and art. His formal art education was at Humboldt State University, where he received a BFA in studio art in 2003. 

Yeshe's art graces the walls of homes and businesses all over Santa Cruz, CA, which is where he resides today. With a growing reputation as an up and coming master landscape and wildlife painter, in recent years his work has begun to find its way to collectors across the globe. From giant murals to intimate portraits, his ability to bring art to life can be found throughout. Vibrant colors sing upon the canvas, and carefully laid out compositions draw one's eye in and captivate the viewer. 

"Every day I learn something new about painting, and every day I fall in love with it again. I seek to not only represent the scenes before me, but to communicate a feeling of the spiritual connection that I feel with nature." - Yeshe Jackson