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About Yeshe Jackson

 "My great loves have always been nature and art."-Yeshe Jackson

Yeshe Jackson was born in a tipi on a mountain top, deep within the Santa Cruz mountains. As a child he walked narrow paths through the forest, overjoyed by the sunlight filtering down through the leaves, the smell of the forest, and the sound of birds singing in the trees. The nearby Monterey Bay was another of his favorite places, with its sandy beaches and rocky cliffs, and the roar of waves crashing against the shore.  

Creating art was always a favorite pastime for Yeshe. When there was a free moment he could be found sitting quietly, lost in his own world with pencils and paints. As the years went by his interest grew into an even greater passion. At San Lorenzo Valley High School he took his first art class, and fell in love with every new medium he could get his hands on. He majored in studio art at Humboldt State University, receiving a bachelor's degree in 2003.   


Yeshe expresses his strong feelings of connection to nature in oil and acrylic paintings. The landscape of Santa Cruz and the surrounding coastline, along with its myriad of wildlife, provide ample subject matter for his work. 

 "I love to travel, and always have my easel or my camera with me. My plans for the near future are to venture further on my journeys, and expand my portfolio in new and exciting directions." - Yeshe Jackson