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I am always happy to bring your visions to life on canvas! Commissioned paintings can be based on photos you have, inspired by a favorite place, or anything you would like to see painted in my style. The sky's the limit! 

Here is the process for commissioning a painting:

  1. Email me at with your idea, and photos in the form of jpeg files if you have them. For portraits, I recommend that you send at least 4 or 5 of your favorite photos, as the one you like best may not work best in terms of lighting and composition. 
  2. Tell me the size you would like the painting to be. 9x12 is usually $200-$350, 16x20 is usually $400-$500, and 24x36 is usually $600-$1000. Other sizes are available, but that should give you some idea. Prices sometimes vary based on complexity of images, especially with portraits. 
  3. Once we have agreed on a size and price, I will require a 50% deposit to start the painting.
  4. Custom pieces are usually completed in one to two weeks.
  5. I ship paintings up to 24x36 inches for free anywhere in the continental US. If your painting is larger than that or if you live outside the continental US, I will work with you to find the most efficient and cost effective shipping method. 
  6. Enjoy your new custom, one of a kind piece of art! :)  

Here are a few of my favorite recently commissioned paintings:


 Zesty, acrylic on canvas 24x36 inches. 

Makayla, acrylic on canvas 9x12" 

Boardwalk Wave, acrylic on canvas 24x36 inches.